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17Август 2015

Выбор Том Фолана по финалу PACT7

Категории: Новости

Выбор Том Фолана по финалу PACT7

6th Place: Conor Reynolds

Been awesome to see Reynolds improvement during the competition. Especially in no touch and magellan/alt magellan variations. Some very impressive combos in the Final video.

5th Place: Tonic

Again, a very impressive video. The last combo in particular was pretty crazy. All I would say about Tonic is a lot of the combos became quite repetetive over time which made it slightly difficult to remember each clip. Although awesome style, great nt level and more variation with 3 revs is what gave him 5th place over Reynolds.

4th Place: Pablo

Obviously nt is Pablos strong point but was really awesome to see a lot more variation in the final video. A lot of really strong combos and 27 nt is insane haha.

3rd Place: ARS

A real shame not to see a full length video from ARS but after the previous round I was almost expecting it. But still, ARS is a true master of lowers. Huge amount of variation and diversity in very hard combos. Stuff like skmatw hmatw nt and 21 ahtatw(which is pretty ridiculous) is what made him still quite comfortably beat Pablo in my opinion.

2nd Place: Luca

Luca is definitely one of my favourite freestylers. Every time he releases a full video or training clips on Facebook it makes me wanna drop everything and train. This final video was no different. Some seriously insane combos in this video. My favourites have to be the combo with 6 cross 2rev/alt 2rev nt, 2 ahmlatw and of course the final combo. The 3 rev variation and ability to throw ahmatw nt after basically anything is amazing to watch. Without a doubt one of the best lower freestylers in the world.

1st Place: Alekseev

What can you even say about this video haha. After the last round I had very high expectations for the final but the were still exceeded. Alekseev is a freak of nature. Seems to be able to do basically everything. Way too many combos to mention, had to watch it twice before i even remembered there was an askatw combo near the end. Overall, it was his unbeatable level in alt 3 revs, unique lebioda/magellan combos and ridiculous variation that made him a worthy winner.