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23Август 2015

Решение Amsti по финалу PACT7

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Решение Amsti по финалу PACT7

Alekseev won all Pact 7 because him skills, varations, controll and both legs are this things depends of this win, for me Timur is the best lower Freestyle right now. When you're watchich 70% of all lower Freestyler they doing a combos which has done a few years ago but when you're watching Alekseev or Luca that's guy perhaps was born to Push the limits in this sport.

If we are talking about Ars I see in this men a lot of hard work. He made a short video for a pact but was really strong!
Pablo Forza is an another who will be a great freestyle in the future. For me he need to work on him matws and tatws weak foot because I dont like this kind of style.

Tonic won the battle of 5th place beacuse lately He made a huge progress in lower but He would work on bacics tricks. Conor is a nice Freestyler I really like him combos and footages.

6. Conor Reyonolds
5. Tonic
4. Pablo
3. ARS
2. Luca
1. Alekseev

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